Shakespeare? Seriously, why did I stop reading that guy's stuff. He's pretty brilliant. And, for the most part, writes good plays.

Mrs. Shultz had us read Romeo and Juliet in 9th grade. I remember I liked it so much I asked her if I could buy the copy she had lent me out of the class set. She told me I could only buy it if I had lost it. I remember looking at her and hesitating. 'I lost it' I said. She smiled and I think I paid her the three dollars.

Anyways, I got kind of back into this Shakespeare kick because the other night I went and saw a comedy where they parodied a lot of his plays. Funny as it was, there was a monologue from Hamlet they performed that I had somewhat forgotten about.

I'm not a huge fan of placing Shakespeare in different time periods, but I liked this one. Hope you do too.



No Soliciting

Since when has giving your personal information and life away for free online become super cool? I'm tired of it. I didn't like you in high school, I still don't; and I promise I don't want to know how many children you have or anything else for that matter.

...Now this isn't directed at anyone specifically, just a hypothetical bothersome acquaintance that I'm sure I've come across in my travels.

So now the blog is invite only, because I feel better about it. Now I feel like I could actually tell stories about what's going on rather than just abstract wierd thoughts.

Here's to privacy.