Back In The Saddle

It's been nearly a month since I came back to the deseret desert. I remember looking out the car window as we drove home from the airport, wondering if this was really 'spring'. I've grown a little more accustomed to the dry and brittle things here. But when the low lying clouds roll in, and the rain starts falling, In my heart of hearts I'm back in the Seattle streets. I miss the smell of the Sound and that damp asphalt we traversed day after day.

Lucky for me there are a lot of things to love back home, as well. The adjustment has been interesting; many things I grew accustomed to are gone, and there are things I have never taken notice of that hold my interest. Staying busy has been important for a lot of different reasons...also, Australian Rules Football.

So here's what has been happening lately:

Got this running again, what a relief.

I've been out with friends lately, enjoying the outdoors.

Volunteered to help Rob at the State Convention (Like He Needed It). And ran into Orrin Hatch, who seems to be a decent guy.

This old fence is in Harper Ward, on Clayton's Land. It was built poorly, So I'm fixing It.

I've been able to catch up with old friends, on this occasion we went to a Choir Broadcast in Salt Lake. We got to hear the prophet speak, super-cool.