All Caught Up!

I've been a shy blogger since starting a family three years ago. Not knowing how much of our lives I wanted to broadcast online, and actually having a life gave me less time and less motivation to write about us.

But I've come around a little bit.

Let me catch you up on the past three years:

Emily and I got married in 2011. We lived in Logan, and went to USU. We moved to SUU (Cedar City). Emily got pregnant and GRADUATED!!. We had a baby girl in 2013. I got cancer a few months later. We beat cancer, moved back to Logan, and I go back to USU in the fall.

There, all caught up!

We live in a two bedroom apartment on the beautiful USU campus, just Emily and Tegan and I. Tegan will be a year old next month - WOW. Emily is working to become an assistant manager at our apartment complex, and will likely get the position this December (Which means, free rent!). I am tentatively continuing my college career directed at getting into medical school in a couple of years (Which means, hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt!).

I'm not working yet, but am looking around for a position that will work with my schedule beginning the first week in July. Till then, I am preparing to go on a trip to Bolivia with my father, to tour, trek, and learn for nearly 2 weeks at the end of June.

That's enough for know - lots of words about cancer coming soon. Also, podcasts.