wash, rinse, repeat

Temperatures are supposed to be in the 60's this week in Cedar. I know we live in a desert, and I know we need "moisture", but I am loving this indian summer/fall? If this is thanks to global warming I am going to start running my car around the clock, and spraying my hair with aerosol freeze hold every morning.

You know things are boring when you actually start of a post by talking about the weather - just insta go to small talk topics. The thing is, things are super monotonous here, Wake up, go to school (try to remember to eat), do homework, sleep. The cycle isn't vicious, but it is kind of a grind sometimes.

Emily graduates in May! ...I do not graduate in May. We are so excited for Emily to be done, but mostly she is excited. I'm so proud of her, she did what I haven't done yet. Way to go wifey!

Being a few hours from (most of our) family has not always been fun, but it's cool to kind of strike out on your own together - to build a new life without familiarity. Regardless of how long we stay down here, I am grateful we did it.

No one told me that growing up just meant shouldering more responsibility...turns out my mind still feels like it's 17 years old, but now there are all sorts of grown up things to do and decide. Just growing pains I guess.

Hope this post doesn't sound like a downer - we are great, and we are excited for christmas! The last week of class this semester starts today! That's a good feeling.